Future-proof infrastructures for property investments

Building planning and electrification is future proof when it can accommodate ever-changing user profiles and react adaptively.

EVOline’s decentralized concept and modular installation technology take these demands into account from the beginning.



Consolidation Points

Consolidation Points are decentralized distribution stations that connect to a central ring main. Each separate room or working group can connect locally for power and surge protection.

With exchangeable floor plates, EVOline’s outlets can be placed exactly where they’re needed. In addition to maximal flexibility, decentralized electrical distribution requires notably minimized cable lengths under the raised floors.



Exploit Synergy Effects

That not only saves resources, spares the environment and significantly reduces the fire hazard – it also goes a long way to reducing the overall costs of a property.

Many architects, electrical planners and investors have already recognized the advantages of this fundamentally new way of thinking. They have received custom-tailored consultation and, together with EVOline, broken new ground in decentralized electrical distribution.

Reference projects

Fraunhofer-Institute Stuttgart

The Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO) in Stuttgart developed a workplace for the future. New organizational forms and modes of communication take advantage of the potentials of a world continually molded by digital media. In June 2012 a...

Fraunhofer Institute

DIAL Lüdenscheid

Lüdenscheid, the “city of light,” is home to not only the renowned light manufacturer but also another company dedicated completely to the meaningful approach to light and building technology. DIAL considers itself an independent service center. Its services range from...

DIAL Lüdenscheid

Vossloh Werdohl

Vossloh is an international conglomeration for transportation technology with a spectrum of products for railway transportation from tensions clamps to locomotives. The mid-sized SDAX-listed company bundles its activities into two divisions, Rail Infrastructure and...

Vossloh Werdohl

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