Fraunhofer-Institute Stuttgart

The Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO) in Stuttgart developed a workplace for the future. New organizational forms and modes of communication take advantage of the potentials of a world continually molded by digital media. In June 2012 a spectacular new building augmented the institute’s current building on the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft’s campus in Stuttgart-Vaihingen. The design by renowned architect Ben van Berkel takes up the right-angled shapes of the existing building in two bands on the façade. They begin horizontally and then swing in curves into the new Center for Virtual Engineering (ZVE), recognizable by its curving and bending surfaces. The result was a “House of Knowledge Work” in which innovative ways of working are not only studied but also experienced.

The curved façade connects the sections of the building and creates a motif reflected in the interior helix stairway.

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