Vossloh Werdohl

Vossloh is an international conglomeration for transportation technology with a spectrum of products for railway transportation from tensions clamps to locomotives. The mid-sized SDAX-listed company bundles its activities into two divisions, Rail Infrastructure and Transportation. Rail Infrastructure – fastening systems, switch systems (Vossloh Cogifer), and rail services its three areas of specialty – focuses on products and services for rail infrastructure, while transportation encompasses transportation and electrical systems (Vossloh Kiepe). Vossloh was founded in the late nineteenth century as a traditional family company in the Märkisches Kreis region of Germany. Werdohl blacksmith Eberhard Vossloh was awarded the contract to produce the spring washers for rail fasteners for the Royal Prussian Railway in 1883. The company grew and diversified – particularly in the area of lighting technology – before finally returning to the central business of railway technology. The company is headquartered in Werdohl to this day. The family-owned smith’s shop has today expanded into a corporation with over five thousand employees and an annual revenue of some 1.25 million Euro.

Leaning facades and rounded corners underscore the modernity of the building. The reception area and showroom glow at night in the company’s trademark green.

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