• Simply elegant: the Port in the conference room.
  • Free workspace: a press of the finger lowers the Port.
  • The Port is available silver, chrome, gold, black and antique brass.
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Simply elegant: the Port in the conference room.

Technical Information

Conceal sockets, plugs and cables in your desk. In the retracted position the only visible parts of the EVOline Port are frame, cover and connected cables.

The patented rocking cover serves as handle and kink protection. The high quality aluminium profile can easily be raised via the cover. A gentle touch retracts the electrical outlet into its aperture with adequate space for most connectors to remain plugged in. The rocking cover works as outlet for connected cables.

LED `Nightlight` positioned underneath the EVOline Port cover is available as option.

EVOline Port received the „red dot award” for Function + Design.

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