• Its smart ergonomics make the Plug unique.
  • The Plug is available in black and white.
  • Flatter than any flat screen: the Plug.
  • The Plug’s minimalistic design is compelling.
  • Fits behind any piece of furniture: the Plug.
  • Awarded multiple design Prices.
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Its smart ergonomics make the Plug unique.

Technical Information

The extra-flat EVOline Plug fits effortlessly behind every piece of furniture. Its moveable plug face and extended grip can be easily removed from the wall without force and thus can also be used by elderly people. A tug of the cord automatically loosens the Plug from the socket, thus preventing accidents.

The Plug is available in three models: as an extension cord, as a treble socket rail and as a simple plug head for self-installation. The Plug’s smart ergonomics and its minimalistic design have garnered numerous awards. 

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