1997: Johannes Rau presents Siegfried Schulte with the Rudolf-Diesel gold medal.

Company History

Schulte Elektrotechnik is the company behind EVOline. In 1964 Siegfried Schulte became an independent engineer – and has continued until today to pursue his vision to make electricity safer and smarter. With the development of innovative safety switches, Schulte Elektrotechnik became the premier address for integrated safety in electric devices.

The company’s first products included patented motor, zero voltage, and dead man’s switches, which made using rotating saws, lawnmowers and other dangerous machines safer. Leading manufacturers still build these into millions of machines today.

The first stalk switch for automobiles, which combined everything from the blinkers to steering wheel lights, is just one of Schulte Elektrotechnik’s almost three hundred patents. Siegfried Schulte was awarded the Rudolf Diesel gold medal by Federal Council of Germany President Johannes Rau for the invention of the first self-regulating residual-current circuit breaker for decentralized structures.

With EVOline, Schulte Elektrotechnik has since developed from a manufacturer of integrated special switches to a supplier of modular system solutions for electricity and data interfaces. Products from EVOline are at home in offices and hotels as well as in residential kitchens. With its award-winning Plug, EVOline also became a household name for retail clients.

Today Schulte Elektrotechnik has more than thirty sales partners worldwide. The some 150 employees at its local facility assure depth of in-house production and the highest quality standards. The development team of creative engineers continues to transform the EVOline philosophy into patented products and systems: decentralized electrical distribution as well as switches and safeguards for the places where faults occur.

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