Aesthetics and function combined

Dealing with details reveals the special qualities of successful interior design. The supply of electricity is one of those subtleties that are indispensable, but whose integration into a harmonious overall concept usually presents a particular challenge.

Port Push in geöffnetem und geschlossenem Zustand

Electrification solutions only fulfil their function in every respect if not only all power and data connections are accessible in the twinkling of an eye, but also if the system blends discreetly into the overall concept. All disagreeable elements such as cables and sockets should disappear as far as possible - what remains is a cladding that is both unobtrusive and visually and haptically convincing.

EVOline's built-in solutions can be integrated into almost any furniture design and score with their clear design language and timeless elegance. With the EVOline FlipTop Push and the Port Push, the power and data connections disappear under the furniture surface, but always remain within reach. When closed, only the cover can be seen of the installation solutions, which fits almost flush into the piece of furniture. The kitchen worktop or desk is perfectly tidy, power is supplied and the cover blends into its surroundings as an unobtrusive design element.

Contemporary design

And if the big picture is right, it's a special pleasure to take a closer look: The FlipTop Push captivates with its reduced design - flat transitions, clear lines and slightly rounded corners offer a harmonious look in a contemporary design. The surface of the cover and frame of the FlipTop Push is available as standard in elegant black, white or brushed stainless steel. The Port Push also impresses with its minimalist design. The elegant square lid disappears flush into a frame with rounded corners. In addition to the stainless steel version, the Port Push frame and lid are also available in glass. For its sophisticated design, the Port Push was not only awarded the iF Design and the German Design Award 2017, but was also awarded the "Best of Best" rating by the jury of the Iconic Award 2017.

Reduced to the essentials

Thanks to the Push-To-Open function, the EVOline FlipTop Push and Port Push modules can be easily opened and the connections are revealed and disappear again by gently pressing on the cover. The unique, patented rocking cover of the Port Push and the protective brush strip of the FlipTop Push prevent the connected cables from getting caught when closing. This reduces the appearance to the essentials and nothing stands in the way of concentrated work.

Robust and resistant

In addition to a clear design, the durability and robustness of the surfaces also play an important role. The FlipTop Push or Port Push versions in stainless steel are suitable for surfaces that have to be particularly resistant, such as office and conference rooms, kitchens or sanitary rooms. The material is particularly hard-wearing and also has the advantage that the touch-intensive surfaces are easy to clean. For the more elegant solution, the cover of the Port Push can also be provided in glass with black or white powder coating - so that even heavily used surfaces can be made visually attractive.

Modular and flexible

The EVOline electrification solutions FlipTop Push and Port Push are individually configurable and can be adapted to different needs: EVOline offers a wide selection of international sockets, data, multimedia and protection modules as well as switches and push-buttons that can be combined to suit specific use. The systems can also be adapted at a later date: All data and multimedia connections can be easily removed without technical knowledge and replaced by other exchange modules. As a result, the electrification solutions always remain up-to-date, even if the usage requirements change.

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