Everyday life in times of Corona

At home or at the office - We are here for you.

Dear EVOline customers and business partners,

as an owner-managed company, we live a close and personal cooperation - with us as a team and with our business partners. We have to redefine “closely and personally” in this challenging time. The health of our employees is just as important as the satisfaction of our customers.

First and foremost, this means that all known contacts are still available, albeit partially from the home office.

We keep in touch with you, even if we would rather visit you or invite you to see us in Lüdenscheid. We keep in touch with each other, even if it is hard to cancel meetings and make phone calls instead of talking to each other personally.

We continue to produce at our location in Lüdenscheid and are proud of our colleagues in production who “keep the shop going”.

We had to separate the layers to prevent face-to-face encounters. But our teamwork doesn't suffer because in these times, teamwork primarily means paying attention to the health of others and keeping a distance for their own good.

So far, our production is being running smoothly. Our suppliers continue to supply us, and they do a great job. We foresightfully place orders to be flexible and deliverable at any time in the future.

We do everything we can to protect the health of our employees and at the same time serve our customers as usual.

Best regards from Lüdenscheid und STAY HEALTHY!

Your EVOline – Team