Comparison of planning costs

on the basis of representative properties with up to 4,500 workplaces

EVOline® Consolidation Points

Building planning and electrification are future-proof if they are designed for changing usage profiles and can react adaptively. The decentralised concepts of EVOline® with their modular installation technology take these requirements into account right from the start.

Consolidation Points are decentralized distribution stations on a branch line. This allows individual rooms and working groups to be accessed and secured locally.

By means of variable base plates, the outlet points are set exactly where they are needed. In addition to maximum flexibility, this decentralised electrical distribution results in a significantly minimised overall cable length in the false floor. 

Installation today

Kilometres of cables, slots, drilling holes, high fire loads, low flexibility, waste of resources. Chaos.

Installation tomorrow

Installation with stub lines ≋ 400V.
Highly respectful of the environment.
Maximum flexibility.

Cost reduction of approx. 40%.
Reduction of fire loads by approx. 80%.

Exploiting synergy effects

Decentralised building planning not only saves resources, protects the environment and reduces the fire load at the same time. It makes a significant contribution to reducing the overall costs of a property.

Many architects, electrical planners and investors have already recognised the advantages of this fundamental reorientation, received individual advice and, together with EVOline®, taken the path of decentralised electrical distribution.

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