Excellent product design

The EVOline® Circle80 was awarded the Iconic Award Innovative Interior best of best 2023 and the Interzum Award

Induction coulter

Even more comfort with the Circle80.

The Circle80 is now available with an induction coulter integrated in the lid.


The charging process

The charging process with the Circle80 DisQ works in the closed, as well as in the opened state. This means that the familiar functions of the Circle80 can still be used. Smartphones with a magnetic ring are optimally fixed.

Exchangeable at any time

Circle80 Family

Monitor plate

Brings together what belongs together.

Power and data connections, where they are expected, combined directly with the IT hardware. The EVOline Monitor plate is the optimal complementary module to the award-winning EVOline Circle80 and makes optimal use of its product advantages. EVOline Circle80 and Monitor plate - two that belong together.

Another comfort addition

Circle80 Hide

Another comfort addition is the Circle80 Hide, the lid without charging function elegantly covers the connections. This way they are only visible when needed.


The ideal addition

The Circle80 DisQ or Hide fits into the existing module opening. This means that every Circle80 can be retrofitted without any problems.