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On the crest of a wave

Seamless power supplies for Klubschule Migros college in Berne’s Welle 7 concept

Schulte Elektrotechnik is fitting the innovative Welle 7 concept centre in Berne with the flexible EVOline BackFlip power solution.
Alain Bucher

An architectural highlight greets people arriving by train at Berne railway station.

The Welle von Bern (or Berne Wave) is actually a pedestrian bridge over the tracks, which connects to the roofs of the platforms below in a semi-wave form. Anyone walking on the bridge can venture straight into the new Welle7 retail and business centre and discover everything this urban hub has to offer. In addition to shops and eateries, Welle7 Workspace is also located here. Over 5 storeys, this workspace provides 80 high-tech conference tables for meetings and events ranging from 2 to 200 people and accommodates Switzerland’s biggest Klubschule college. The building’s versatility is also reflected in the training spaces’ furniture, which features tables with their own power supply. Thanks to the fitted EVOline solutions, seamless power supply is easily provided in every situation.


Switzerland’s best venue for meetings

The diverse, eight-storey Welle7 retail and business centre right next to Berne railway station is a magnet for a broad target group. The facility has a vast selection of retailers and eateries, but also a range of conference spaces with education programmes that are open to as wide a range of the public as possible. The Migros Aare cooperative (which runs the hub in Berne’s PostParc) created a state-of-the-art conference centre in the shape of the Welle7 Workspace. Over the last few years, the workspace has twice won the Swiss Location Award for the best meeting venue in Switzerland. It offers almost 100 rooms for conferences, meetings and training courses.


Flexible furniture for multipurpose usage

Furniture with a maximum of flexibility was picked to match the versatile nature of the conference spaces. Folding tables with power supplies can be set up and dismantled in no time and simple connectors create varied settings to suit demands. If not all the tables are required, a practical case is big enough to stow them away.

Easy to connect

To produce the right environment for focused learning, upskilling or meetings, the Welle7 Workspace required technical infrastructure that could be integrated discreetly and was straightforward to use. Schulte Elektrotechnik’s EVOline BackFlip has won a design award twice. And it proved to be the right solution in this case for many reasons. Fitted flush with the table surface, the power module marries functionality with stylishness and high-end haptics. The fitted solution opens by just tapping lightly on it, turning the module upwards and revealing two sockets and a USB charger. In its matt black variant, it integrates harmoniously into  the table surface and matches the tour cases, which were custom-made for the tables.


If the fold-up tables are reconfigured, the EVOline Plug & Play connector links the tables in an uncomplicated way. All that’s required is a power supply at the beginning of the table row, so that all other workspaces have electricity. The power is just transmitted from one table to the next. There’s a cable management net with a power supply cable on the bottom of each table top. Therefore, it’s not necessary to decide in advance which table will power the other workspaces because all of them are equally capable. This approach mirrors the Migros Aare cooperative’s own principles that involve several parties joining forces to pursue a joint goal.

Matching EVOline® systems

EVOline® BackFlip

Available with new glass surfaces in glossed black and satinato white.


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