Excellent product design

The EVOline® Circle80 was awarded the German Design Award Special 2021.

Cover plates

According to your needs

Optional finishing modules enable further individualisation. Cable attachment, covering or mounting of EVOline modules.

Function and Design

Quick assembly

for plate thicknesses from 10mm. Safe fixing in the hole cut-out by just screwing.

Cable lead-through

Easy access

Practical cable passage and space for excess cable. For more freedom at the workplace. Slide for safe cable locking.


Worldwide use

International socket modules available.

Double charger

Quick charging

USB charger with 2.1 A and 1 A
Supported charging protocols:
USB battery charging (USB BC)
Revision 1.2 (downward compatible)
Apple, 2 A charging capacity
Samsung Galaxy Tablet, 2 A charging capacity
China YD/T1591-2009 charging specification