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Business Village

Working in the office of the future

Where today the most diverse creative projects and services are planned and implemented, decades ago the noise of countless looms was heard. The Business Village is located in a former textile weaving mill, which has come to life again after 20 years of dormancy.

Business Village Innenansicht
Support user mobility, and react adaptively to changing needs

The factory building was built in 1904 directly on the river Chemnitz and has now been transformed into a versatile place for creative workers. A varied office landscape with meeting rooms as well as a cafeteria and event areas for events and conferences extends over around 1,000 square metres. The Business Village is a colourful mix of creative entrepreneurs who not only work side by side, but also exchange their experiences, skills and services. To do this they need space for concentrated work, communication and relaxation. The equipment also supports the mobility of users and reacts adaptively to changing needs.

Good ideas don't just come from the desk - the Business Village concept is therefore designed to do justice to the mobility of the modern world of work. Electric sockets are available in sufficient quantities and easily accessible in all locations so that tools such as laptops and mobile phones can be connected. In the cafeteria, the EVOline socket outlet elements Docks were used for this purpose. They are fixed to the tabletop with clamps and can thus be easily removed, for example when the tables are used for a buffet at events, rearranged in the room or completely removed. In general, it was important to the office planners that the furnishings could be changed without major assembly work and that they could be adapted to changing room uses.

As a change from the desk, the workplace or a meeting can also be re-located to the couch without having to do without the necessary power connections. An EVOline Port was integrated into a multifunctional piece of furniture in the lounge area of the Business Village. The cube connects to a sofa and contains a light and a magazine rack. The EVOline port is recessed into the middle of the console.

The cube connects to a sofa and contains a light and a magazine rack. The EVOline port is recessed into the middle of the console. When closed, only the circular stainless steel cover from the element is visible, which blends flat into the surface. At the touch of a finger, a strip with three sockets rises, which can also be lowered again with connected cables.

Successful cable management

EVOline Docks were chosen as a convenient desktop solution for many workplaces in the Business Village. This socket element requires very little space and the power and network connections are always easily accessible for the user. In the offices of the Business Village, it also becomes clear what successful cable management can look like: Cables run in the EVOline Rail tray below the desktop and are guided safely to the cable outlet in the floor in the flexible EVOline WireLane under-sink channel.

At other desks, users will find the EVOline Square80 electrification module, which is integrated into the desktop and also provides all important connections within easy reach. When not in use, Square80 can be closed with a sliding cover. The module provides a power outlet, a USB port and a network port. In a co-working space, particularly high demands are placed on the flexibility and comfort of the equipment. EVOline offers the right solutions for this with products that are intuitive to use and always deliver power and data to the right places. This creates a versatile and productive environment that supports efficient work.

For the conference rooms, the office planners opted for the EVOline FlipTop installation solution. By placing the connections on the desk, you avoid having to lay cables across the desks. The desktop thus remains free for materials and documents, and thereby promotes concentration on the essentials. In one room EVOline FlipTop is equipped with an additional connection for image transmission, which makes presentations without any problems possible. EVOline consolidation points, distribution stations for power and data networks, were also installed in a meeting room. The cables run in a ring circuit under the floor and the treadable outlet points are exactly where they are needed. This significantly minimizes the overall cable length and reduces the fire load. With the electrification modules and consolidation points from EVOline, a future-oriented working environment that meets the requirements of modern office work could be realised in an historic building.

Matching EVOline® systems

EVOline® Port

Junction boxes, plugs and cables simply disappear into the sink.

EVOline® WireLane

With EVOline® WireLane all cables run in orderly tracks

EVOline® Dock

The EVOline Dock floats above the table surface, thus ensuring as much free space as possible.

EVOline® Square80

Socket, USB charger, network connection and inductive charging station to 80 mm.


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