For a wide range of applications

Individually configurable

The DockSquare is fully configurable and can be individually configured to meet your requirements: We offer a wide range of international sockets, data, multimedia and protection modules as well as switches and push-buttons, which can be combined according to requirements. 

Remains flexible

Module replacement a child's play

Thanks to innovative interchangeable modules, the DockSquare can be retrofitted: All data and multimedia connections can be easily removed and replaced by other exchange modules without technical knowledge.

Rapid assembly

With light adhesive fastening

For efficient quick assembly, the DockSquare can be securely attached to any smooth table surface using adhesive film and removed without leaving any residue. This allows the electrification system to be easily reinstalled at a new location in the event of a reorganisation.

Fitted directly onto the surface

Mounting brackets

Thanks to the two metal end caps with mounting brackets, the DockSquare can be easily mounted directly on or under the tabletop, sideboard or lounge furniture, depending on the model.


DockSquare mountings


Thanks to the simplistic mounting brackets, it is easily fitted directly onto or below a surface.


Simple adhesive mounting facilitates the assembly. The adhesive bond can be released at any time.


Optional fastening option with stainless steel clamps for the edge of the desktop.


Optional end caps for mounting the Fujitsu USB Port Replicator PR09.



End caps with integrated clamps for surface mounting.