A remarkable space-saver in dynamic office environments

The new EVOline Up power module

Lüdenscheid, January 2020. EVOline’s UP vertical power module is a real space saver as well as being slimline, robust and flexible. The vertical multiple socket stand can be firmly screwed to the floor and securely attached with adhesive strips to any table surface even glass and removed without leaving any stickiness. As a result, it’s easy to refit Up anywhere else.

The environments we work in are becoming more and more fast paced, demanding enormous flexibility and the ability to adapt. As a result, robust technical infrastructure with power supplies that are quick and easy to access are indispensable in today’s offices. EVOline’s new Up power module meets all these requirements and its space-saving vertical form and flexible mounting options are impressive.

Easy and compact access
Thanks to its slim shape, EVOline Up fits on any work surface, however small, making access to power very convenient. It manages the most important connections and bundles them within easy reach on the desk. The surface is available as a standard in black, white or brushed stainless steel. The vertical multiple socket can either be firmly screwed to the floor or quickly and securely attached with adhesive strips to any work surface – even glass – and, if required, removed again without leaving any sticky mess. If an office is remodelled, refitting the power module somewhere else is therefore child’s play.

EVOline offers a wide range of internationally approved sockets as well as single and double USB chargers for UP and these can be combined accordingly. The power module can therefore be customised for any application.



About Schulte - Elektrotechnik
Schulte - Elektrotechnik developed EVOline. In 1964, Siegfried Schulte started an engineering business in Lüdenscheid – and is still working on his vision of making electrical products safer and more intelligent. As a provider of modular system solutions for power and data connections, EVOline develops products for the entire range of power solutions in office environments or homes. Today, Schulte - Elektrotechnik has more than 30 sales partners worldwide. All EVOline products are manufactured, with a high degree of vertical integration, by around 170 employees at Schulte - Elektrotechnik in Lüdenscheid. The large proportion of manual work carried out in the production process guarantees first-class craftsmanship. EVOline has won several design awards, with the ICONIC Award in the best of best product category, the German Design Award and the iF Design Award, in 2017 alone.




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