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The new EVOline One power module

Lüdenscheid, January 2020. Flexible styles of working in offices, hotels or domestic kitchens present lots of challenges. Whether people want to focus in peace on the job at hand, hold a team meeting or just relax, offices without flexible power and data solutions are almost unimaginable nowadays. The multi-award-winning fitted EVOline One solution is not only a classy eye-catcher, but also impressive because of all the places it can be used. Thanks to a flexible mounting system, EVOline One can be added to almost all office environments, from conference rooms to lounges. The round socket can be easily fitted to table tops or upholstered furniture and, as it comes in a whole host of different materials and colours, allows lots of different design options. EVOline One has the sort of impressive features that have allowed it to triumph in a total of three renowned competitions this year, in addition to the ICONIC AWARD Innovative Interior in the innovation interior selection category and the Red Dot Award, Schulte Elektrotechnik received the 2019 interzum award, just in time for the start of the trade show of the same name.


The new EVOline ONE power module offers compact power and data access and can be matched with any design concept. Whether in workspaces, conference rooms, lounges or kitchenettes, the EVOline One ensures fast and secure access to power or data – in a very space-saving and discreet way. The round socket can be fitted horizontally or vertically and adapted to suit requirements thanks to the wide range of module inserts. In addition to the choice of power, data or charger inserts, the module also offers the option to fit a rotatable cover.

Easy and secure to fit
EVOline One’s round design makes it quick and simple to fit to desks and conference tables or even into upholstered furniture. It can be mounted in all panels whose minimum thickness is 9 mm. A cut-out of 54 mm in diameter is all that’s required. The clamping pieces (patent pending) ensure the module’s held securely in place. It doesn’t matter if the socket’s mounted horizontally or vertically.

Versatile configurability
The sophisticated combination of function and design makes EVOline One a versatile and flexible solution for offices. In addition to various combinations of data and charger modules, the compact housing can be configured with internationally approved socket types. Furthermore, EVOline One goes with virtually any interior design concepts: both the collar and the 360° rotatable cover are available either in brushed stainless steel or with printed plastic surfaces. A choice of colours allows customers to create their own highlights. The collar and rotatable cover can also be printed with graphics or a company logo. The power module can be flush-mounted too, allowing space-saving fitting in any environment.

About Schulte - Elektrotechnik
Schulte - Elektrotechnik developed EVOline. In 1964, Siegfried Schulte started an engineering business in Lüdenscheid – and is still working on his vision of making electrical products safer and more intelligent. As a provider of modular system solutions for power and data connections, EVOline develops products for the entire range of power solutions in office environments or homes. Today, Schulte - Elektrotechnik has more than 30 sales partners worldwide. All EVOline products are manufactured, with a high degree of vertical integration, by around 170 employees at Schulte - Elektrotechnik in Lüdenscheid. The high proportion of manual finishing guarantees the exceptional quality of the products made. EVOline has won several design awards, such as the ICONIC Award in the best of best product category, the German Design Award and the iF Design Award, in 2017 alone.




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