Stylish, fitted solution for tidy workspaces

The modular EVOline Circle80 socket system

Lüdenscheid, Germany, March 2023. If there’s one thing fans of tidy desks hate, it’s messy cables. The EVOline Circle80 power system is a stylish three-in-one solution for neat workspaces. A socket, double USB charger and cable outlet are smartly combined to provide a discreet in-desk solution. EVOline has now added more options for retrofitting the Circle80, which won the German Design Award Special in 2021. The Circle80 Hide, the Circle80 DisQ and the Monitor Plate offer lots of ways to personalise workspaces.

The sleek EVOline Circle80 is 80 millimetres in diameter, which complies with the standard hole in desktops or table tops. It stands apart for its streamlined design and small mounting depth of just 48.5 millimetres. The solution can be fitted either horizontally or vertically to desktops, table tops or benches in virtually all areas of an office. Thanks to the smart EVOline mounting system, the socket solution is quick and easy to screw into the hole on the desk or table top.

Protective covers and integrated charging function

The EVOline Circle80 Access, a cable outlet that comes in black or white, is new to the range. This customisable socket system consists of an outlet and cover with two openings. Circle80 Hide is a rotatable cover for retrofitting to the Circle80 and Circle80 Access to make the workplace look really shipshape. The cover can be rotated 270 degrees and conceals any connections not currently needed. It’s also available in black and white. The Circle80 DisQ is a rotatable cover with an in-built magnet and inductive charging capability for retrofitting to the Circle80 and Circle80 Access. This variant requires an adaptor with a minimum power output of 18 watts and USB-C Power Delivery. Both covers don’t just conceal connections, they also keep dirt and dust at bay.

Monitor Plate to keep screens in place

The Circle80 and Monitor Plate are a dream team. The EVOline Circle80 doesn’t just offer flexible power and data connections wherever required – it can also be combined with IT hardware. Together with a monitor arm, the practical Monitor Plate provides sturdy support for the monitor. As well as supplying the power, it also keeps the desktop tidy. 

Replaceable modules

The EVOline Circle80 adapts to ever more flexible styles of working with two USB chargers recharging two mobile devices simultaneously. The EVOline Circle80’s practical cable outlet ensures that all power leads disappear in the middle. The system’s available with various internationally approved modules and can blend in with its surroundings. The EVOline Circle80 comes in two colours and the covers in three. By using different modules, the system can be customised to suit preferences.

About Schulte - Elektrotechnik

Schulte - Elektrotechnik developed EVOline. In 1964, Siegfried Schulte started an engineering business in Lüdenscheid – and is still working on his vision of making electrical products safer and more intelligent. As a provider of modular system solutions for power and data connections, EVOline develops products for the entire range of power solutions in office environments or homes. Today, Schulte - Elektrotechnik has more than 30 sales partners worldwide. All EVOline products are manufactured, with a high degree of vertical integration, by around 200 employees at Schulte - Elektrotechnik in Lüdenscheid. The high proportion of manual work carried out in the production process guarantees first-class craftsmanship. EVOline has garnered several design accolades, for example, the Red Dot Award, the Iconic Award for Innovative Interiors, the Interzum Award in the High Product Quality category and was a Winner of the German Innovation Award in 2019 alone. Schulte - Elektrotechnik has already spent more than five decades producing solutions in Germany in an energy-efficient, green manner.




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