The three-in-one solution for modern workspaces

The new EVOline Circle80 power module

Detailaufnahme EVOline Circle80

Lüdenscheid, January 2020. Clean-desk fans hate messy cables, which are also dust traps too. But power and data are vital in contemporary office environments. The new EVOline Circle80 power module cleverly combines three functions in one by providing a socket, cable outlet and double USB charger. It offers a reliable power supply and a flexible option in the shape of a cable outlet for data and multimedia cables. The EVOline Circle80 comes in a streamlined design and is a real eye-catcher. Excess cable disappears stylishly through the practical outlet. The flexible fitted solution can be added to almost all areas of the office environment – from conference rooms to lounges –desk tops or bench seats. The low mounting depth and EVOline mounting system make it quick and easy to fit.

A modern workplace requires a sophisticated power supply solution that adapts to the flexible styles of working people adopt. The EVOline Circle80’s two USB chargers allow simultaneously charging of two mobile devices – the universal charger is compatible with smartphones and other mobile devices. To achieve a tidy workplace, clean-desk policies require cables to be tied neatly. Excess power cables can be concealed through the practical EVOline Circle80 cable outlet. As regards the cables, there are three desktop power and data outlets to choose from that come with a lid, cable management or multimedia options for a network socket, a USB 3.0 or an HDMI 1.4 outlet for example. The EVOline Circle80 can be supplied with a variety of international socket outlets.

Low mounting depth, superb flexibility
An integrated power and data supply without any annoying tangled cables are vital for clean desks. Schulte Elektrotechnik’s EVOline Circle80 is a universal solution, requiring an aperture just 80 mm in diameter to fit it easily to desks and tables. Its low mounting depth of 50 mm also means it can be inserted into all sorts of furniture, ranging from desks to conference tables or benches in lounges. The EVOline Circle80 just needs to be twisted once to insert it into the aperture on table tops which need to be a minimum of 10 mm thick. The straightforward EVOline mounting system has just one clamping piece to keep the module, which can be fitted horizontally or vertically, securely in place.



About Schulte - Elektrotechnik
Schulte - Elektrotechnik developed EVOline. In 1964, Siegfried Schulte started an engineering business in Lüdenscheid – and is still working on his vision of making electrical products safer and more intelligent. As a provider of modular system solutions for power and data connections, EVOline develops products for the entire range of power solutions in office environments or homes. Today, Schulte - Elektrotechnik has more than 30 sales partners worldwide. All EVOline products are manufactured, with a high degree of vertical integration, by around 170 employees at Schulte - Elektrotechnik in Lüdenscheid. The high proportion of manual finishing guarantees the exceptional quality of the products made. EVOline has won several design prizes, such as the Red Dot Award, German Innovation Award, the Interzum Award and the Iconic Award in 2019 alone.