Winging it in small spaces

EVOline Wing – reliable cable management systems for drawers

Lüdenscheid, Germany, March 2023. In kitchens or offices, easy-to-reach sockets to plug in devices or phone chargers are a must nowadays. It’s ideal if sockets or cables are fitted inside furniture to save space, making equipment and devices available in no time. Schulte - Elektrotechnik’s new EVOline Wing cable management system can do just that, even if there isn't much room. The wing-action arm is easy to fit behind drawers and keeps surfaces clear. The solution is destined for offices or co-working spaces to kitchens, all the way to server cabinets with superior security requirements.

EVOline Wing routes cables via its plastic, custom-developed, wing-action arm to the appropriate in-drawer fitted connections. As a result, even small work surfaces offer maximum space without annoying tangled cables. Cables are guided compactly behind the drawer without bending or jamming them or stopping the drawer from opening and closing easily. Two cable guides to clamp or screw onto drawers with wooden or metal rear panels take the cable from the wing arm to the customisable EVOline connection module. It’s suitable for all types, whether it’s an HDMI, LAN, or power cable.

Clever use of tight spaces in kitchen drawers or even safes

The EVOline Wing can be fitted horizontally or vertically, on the left or right behind drawers. And the built-in solution can be added to movable and extendable parts of furniture. Therefore, the fitted articulated arm can equally be mounted to protect drawers in security cabinets or safes. In this case, the wing-action arm can also guide safety wires or flexible steel cables to enable fitting of drawer safety catches.


Perfect connectivity in every respect

The patent-pending benefits of the product only fully unfold in combination with the custom-configurable EVOline socket systems like R-, U- and V-Dock or Express. Thanks to its smart concept, the EVOline Wing scores top marks whenever wiring, sockets or ports need fitting to moveable items of furniture.



About Schulte - Elektrotechnik

Schulte - Elektrotechnik developed EVOline. In 1964, Siegfried Schulte started an engineering business in Lüdenscheid – and is still working on his vision of making electrical products safer and more intelligent. As a provider of modular system solutions for power and data connections, EVOline develops products for the entire range of power solutions in office environments or homes. Today, Schulte - Elektrotechnik has more than 30 sales partners worldwide. All EVOline products are manufactured, with a high degree of vertical integration, by around 200 employees at Schulte - Elektrotechnik in Lüdenscheid. The high proportion of manual work carried out in the production process guarantees first-class craftsmanship. EVOline has garnered several design accolades, for example, the Red Dot Award, the Iconic Award for Innovative Interiors, the Interzum Award in the High Product Quality category and was a Winner of the German Innovation Award in 2019 alone. Schulte - Elektrotechnik has already spent more than five decades producing solutions in Germany in an energy-efficient, green manner.