Excellent product design

The EVOline® Square80 was awarded the Good Design Award 2015and the iF DESIGN AWARD 2015and is German Design Award Nominee 2016.

Smart offer

Power, Charger and Network under one lid

When closed, only the sliding lid of the EVOline® Square80 is visible. This can be pushed to the side with a finger thus revealing a power socket and a USB Charger. An RJ45 socket, an extendable patch cable or a second USB Charger is also available on request.

Inductive charging point


Equipped with the optional Qi function, the cover becomes a convenient charging point for all Qi-compatible mobile devices.


Uncomplicated installation without tools

The EVOline® Square80 can be easily installed in any office furniture that is equipped with a standardised cable aperture of 80 millimetres. The mounting system developed by EVOline® for panel thicknesses of up to 50 millimetres ensures quick and uncomplicated installation.