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Medical University of Innsbruck

Spaces for digital learning

When it comes to excuses, students are often very imaginative. At the Medical University of Innsbruck, there’s one argument that no longer counts and that’s its technical infrastructure.

The Medical University of Innsbruck’s new lecture theatre and new seminar rooms have been fitted out with intelligent power supply and data connections
BackFlip,FlipTop Push,Up

Digital learning has made a lot of things simpler today. The new media facilitate students’ and lecturers’ access to information and help them to network with one another. Flexible technical infrastructure is vital if laptops, projectors, smartphones or tablets are to work perfectly. And the Medical University of Innsbruck is setting a good example. When the main building was gutted, a modern management and university complex with plenty of space for digital learning was created. Thanks to EVOline solutions from Schulte Elektrotechnik, the new lecture theatre and new seminar rooms have been fitted out with intelligent power supply and data connections.

The contract for the power supply and data connections was put out to tender. The goal was to come up with a convenient way of supplying power to all the 480 seats in the new lecture theatre. It quickly transpired that a conventional solution with trunking systems and surface-mounted solutions wouldn’t meet the university’s aesthetic and functional requirements. Planners from BP Consult & Trade GmbH and architect Thomas Gruber collaborated with Schulte Elektrotechnik to create a customised solution for the concept.

Customised product solutions

The simple yet smart solution was a tailor-made version of EVOline Up, which was visibly yet discreetly fitted to the tables’ vertical supports. The space-saving, fitted solution has been reduced to the max, requires no base plate or cover and is integrated into the desks’ vertical supports. Within easy reach and right under the desktop, the multiple socket gives students access to two socket modules and a double USB charger. Using EVOline plug and play connectors, the cables are routed in the hollow space underneath the lecture theatre seating. The lecture theatre also offers plenty of room to accommodate wheelchairs for disabled people. In this case, the project team picked the intelligent EVOline Backflip fitted solution. Because it’s installed in the table tops, the power module is nearby and opens by tapping on the lid, which flips up the module and reveals two sockets and a USB charger in each case.

The ideal seminar room

The university’s seminar rooms are used for a variety of purposes – from medical upskilling courses to congresses to public events. Rooms with flexible technical configurations are needed in order to meet the requirements of the multiuse spaces and for students to have the whole range of digital media at their fingertips. The answer is the EVOline FlipTop Push solution from Schulte Elektrotechnik – an unobtrusive, fitted solution that is virtually flush-mounted to the seminar tables. Simply tapping on the EVOline FlipTop Push opens up the configurable power, data and multimedia hub. As a result, in addition to two sockets and two USB chargers, students have a network cable for connection to the university’s intranet for example. And that’s not all, students can connect with the projector via an HDMI cable and operate the device at the touch of a button too. When configuring spaces, there’s a wide range of different modules to choose from, which can be custom-combined as desired.

Matching EVOline® systems

EVOline® BackFlip

Available with new glass surfaces in glossed black and satinato white.

FlipTop Push
EVOline® FlipTop Push

An elegant installation solution for all workspaces that require power, data and multimedia.

EVOline® Up

The space-saving pedestal solution


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